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24 October 2019

9:45- 12:00                    Migration in the ‘Global South’, Problem or Opportunity? Engaging with Diverse Migration and Development Issues in the ‘Global South’

Talk by Oliver Bakewell entitled, ‘The Productive Potential of Unruly Movement: Some Examples from International Migration within


Oliver Bakewell, University of Manchester

Rinus Penninx, University of Amsterdam

Mine Eder, Boğaziçi University

3:30-5:20                       Research in the ‘Global South’: Challenging and Contributing to Developing Migration Theory

Talk by Ranabir Samaddar, ‘Globalization and Refugee Economy’


Ranabir Samaddar, Distinguished Chair Calcutta Research

Binod Khadria, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jan Rath, University of Amsterdam


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25 October 2019

1:00-3:00                      Migration Research and Policy Making in the ‘Global South’

Talk by Thomas Faist, ‘The Transnationalized Social Question: Migration and the Politics of Social Inequalities’


Thomas Faist, Bielefeld University

Marie McAuliffe, Head of IOM Policy Research Division

Howard Duncan, Carleton University


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