MiReKoc 15 Year Anniversary Conference
October 24-25, 2019
Koc University, Istanbul
Deadline for Abstracts June 19, 2019

MiReKoc 15  Year Anniversary Conference

Migration and Development in the ‘Global South’: Research Challenges and Policy Implications

Call for Papers for Young Scholars & Early Career Academics

October 24-25, 2019

Koç University, Istanbul


The global migration research agenda mainly focuses on migration from states in the ‘Global South’ to the ‘Global North’, although much migration occurs among countries within the ‘Global South’. Migrants and refugees within the ‘Global South’ migrate to neighboring states or far beyond seeking refuge, as skilled or unskilled labor, entrepreneurs among others. Simultaneously, citizens from the ‘Global North’ migrate to the ‘Global South’ for work, retirement or as a lifestyle choice. Migration to, through and among countries within the ‘Global South’ may involve multiple trajectories, transit spaces or destinations as migratory policies change, or economies fluctuate. Providing a space for discussion, we call upon researchers to reflect on migratory practices, experiences of displacement and forced migration in the ‘Global South’.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the founding of MiReKoc, this conference builds on existing scholarship and engagement focused on migration in the ‘Global South’. We anticipate submissions focusing on migration contexts and questions of the ‘Global South’.

Migration Research Center at Koç University, MiReKoc

The Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc) aims to advance the state of the art in migration research through original and innovative scholarship, academic collaboration, and dialogue between researchers, policy makers, international organizations, and civil society actors. Based in Istanbul, MiReKoc was founded as a grant-giving program in 2004, and over the past years, MiReKoc has become a hub for systematic research on migration in Türkiye and its neighborhood, including the Mediterranean Basin, Europe, and the Middle East. MiReKoc is a multi-disciplinary research institute on migration studies that seeks to promote scholarly work and collaboration in the field through research seminars, summer schools and workshops, projects, publications, and other activities. MiReKoc endeavors to develop collaboration between migration scholars, civil society organizations, and policy makers to stimulate dialogue on new and existing research. To this end, since 2011 MiReKoc has organized the annual International Summer School, a flagship program bringing together migration experts from all over the world.

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